Tuesday, February 17, 2009

World Peace

I have been reading alot of blogs, mostly because I am bored. They keep talking about World Peace Cookies. I have an idea and a challenge.
Make a batch of cookies. I dont care what kind just a batch of cookies. Use Pillsbury if you want (Albertsons has them on sale) Make the cookies and then take them to someone in your neighborhood on a plate that you dont care if you get back or not. NOT A PAPER ONE. Write a note of that says. These cookies are to spread World Peace and I start with you. Please carry on the act of goodness.

Nothing else needs to be said. Then wait and see if you become the recipant of a plate of cookies. If not you have done your part to spread World Peace.

I woul hope all your that see this note will comment on your reciepe and share what happens as you share your cookies.

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