Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cute Idea about World peace cookies. Maybe I’ll try it.

I thought I’d share a cute idea we did the other night for Visiting Teaching.
We had a “very fond of you” get together.
My partner and I invited over the 3 ladies we visit teach to. We wanted to make a treat for them for Valentine’s day,

But thought it would be more fun to get them together and do chocolate fondue.

It was lots of fun to get together with people that we see each month, but don’t know each other very well.

My only thought was that maybe next time I will invite the ladies who visit teach me and my partner could do the same. Sort of as a thankyou for being there for us. So instead of just 5 of us, it could be more.

Or you could do it however. You wouldn’t have to do this just at Valentine’s day, either. Chocolate fondue is good anytime. J

Oaky, that’s all. Stick that in your cute blog and share it.

Love ya. Kinie

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Calise said...

What a fun idea! I just took my VT sisters a box of Milk Duds and said "when it comes to visiting teaching, I have been a real "DUD", I promise to be better- maybe this month I should use this idea to get to know them! :)