Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools Day

April Fools!

Tomorrow is the classic day of tricks and pranks. While your tricks may be a little more low-key, here are some all-time best April Fool’s Day pranks:
- Pasta on Trees:
In 1957, a well-respected BBC news show, Panorama, declared an abundance in an important Swiss crop: spaghetti noodles from spaghetti trees. After including footage of Swiss farmers pulling the fruit off the trees, many viewers called and asked how they might grow their own spaghetti trees.
- You Can Ring This Bell:
The Taco Bell Corporation announced to in 1996 that it would be purchasing the historic Liberty Bell and renaming it—as the Taco Liberty Bell. Outraged citizens were only assuaged when Taco Bell asserted it was a joke. When asked about it in a press meeting, White House Press secretary Mike McCurry dryly responded that the Lincoln Memorial had also been sold and would henceforth be called the Lincoln Mercury Memorial.
- Extra Fun(nies):
In 1997, comic strip readers opened the funny section and saw that their favorite strips looked different. In a grand move, forty-six comic strip writers had swapped strips for the day. Garfield could be found in Blondie, eating Dagwood’s sandwich, and the Family Circus mother was found, with an oddly Dilbert-like hairdo, telling young Billy that he needed to “work cuter, not harder.”
Sources: museumofhoaxes.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

A litttle upset

Went to Smith with flyer in hand- the one I had printed this morning of the computer. The add showed Kroger Value Spaghetti and Elbow mac 16oz. size or $.84, NOPE!
It showed Quaker sale on Granola bars,and etc. NOPE!
The eggs were $1.00, So I will not scan Smith's ads for post because they dont honor them.
Just a FYI

April Fool's Day

Well, we made it home from Nauvoo and we are so happy we went, I hope all of you will take the oppertunity and some day take the trip.

Ok, this weeks specials:
Albertsons- Lots of 10 for 10. Act III popcornn, Barilla pasta or Spagetii Sauce and Bar S hot dogs, Albetsons Cool whip.
Post ceral 1.57 a box when you buy 2.
Pork chops 1.88 a lb.
**Chicken Breast 1.88 a lb.**

Fred Myers- Salad buy one get one
Tillamok Cheese 2lb loaf 4.99 a lb.
Bulk Carrots, onions, and cabbage .39 a lb.

***** Chicken Breast .99 a lb.********
Get there TODAY!!

April 1st is just around the corner and it would be fun to see if any one out there still does fun things. Comment back and we'll credit you.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekly Buys

This is what I found,
Albertsons- Kelloge ceral 1.50 each when you buy 10. Savings $1.00 each box.
Cup a noodle soup ( good for after school or even food storage, no cooking) 20/$10.00- thats .50 each,
Betty Crocker Corn muffin mix 20/$10.00. You can split this up.

Smith's Food King- Powerade Buy 10 and final price .49.
Quaker Oat single instant ceral .49 each when you buy 10.

Fred Myers- Chef Boyardee 10/$10
Tylenol $2.99 but with coupon $1.99. (get your coupon form Red Plum or Frugal is Fabulous.

I will be leaving for the next week for Nauvoo. I hope when I get back all is well and that you have left comments on your great finds.
Also it has been brought to my attention there are alot of gals out there who want to know more about saving money. Step up and share your ideas.

Bonus: Go to www.baskinrobbins.com/coupon get a bogo coupon and enjoy a Sunday.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


My storm this week is a great one, I will be getting ready to leave for Nauvoo. I cant wait. I hoped to read all I can to know more so when I get there I will have a real sence of being there, then I get a call from the 2nd Councilor to speak in Sacarement next Sunday. What on you say? Temples. Is that strange or what.
So to conqure my storm for the week is read, read, read and read more.

I would like to ask some of your " What does going to the Temple do for you, or Why do you go now that you have recieved your own instruction?

I know that only a few of you will anserw this but I still want to know.
love to you all and if Your Storm becomes more than you can handle this week call and I will put on my snow boots and come bail you out.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


What is your strom today? Lesson for Sunday? What to cook? Finacial worries because its the middle of the month and the end is way to far away?
What ever it is remember Someone loves you and is there to help if you just ask him.
Share with us and if we can help we will,

My storm today is finding some energy to get my ironing done so my husband will have clean shirts for next week and what to cook for Sunday dinner when all my sweet kids come home. Any ideas?

St Patricks day is just around the corner, Are you Irish? What special things will you do to make it a magical day for your kids. Or do we do that anymore?

Let us know,, I will even drop an Irish gift in the mail for those who share.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How did you face your storm today

With all the talk of saving money, cutting back and generally just getting by. Lets share our ideas.
How did you cope today. Share with all of us. Weather it be a saving money tip or Spiritually coped. Share what you faced, let us go through it with you. You may never know we may have faced the same thing.
This is what we as Latter Day Saint women are for. My favorite song is "As Sisters in Zion". ( This mean sisters of all faith and social statis. )
As Sisters in Zion we'll all work together.

I hope all of you who stock this blog will leave a comment and share with us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For You

Each of you have a deep desire to creat or you would not be looking at this page.
Enjoy the clip and pass it on.
Love to you all.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Free Lunch

Check out this website and print your coupon for a FREE Roast Burger at Arby's.


I kept printing till I felt guilty.
Hope it works, I'll meet you for lunch.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Chapstick Jello

Okay, weird name, I know. However, I made this jello at Thanksgiving and my older sister said it had the consistency of chapstick. We all laughed, so hence the name. I don't think it really has that consistency, and I'll tell you that the kids LOVE it. What's even better is that it's ready in like an hour, no kidding. I hope you enjoy!

(3) 3 oz. pkgs. jello, any flavor
(3) 1/2 oz. pkgs. Knox unflavored gealatin
(3) cups boiling water
(1) cup or 1/2 pt. whipping cream (this is the kind that you pour out of a carton, not Cool Whip)

Boil your water. Stir in the knox gelatin and then the flavored jello, and stir well. Pour into a 9x13 sized pan. Add in whipping cream and stir well. Place in the fridge until set up. Cut into 1" cubes, and enjoy!

(My computer isn't reading my SD card, so I'll post pics as soon as I figure that out.)