Saturday, March 14, 2009


What is your strom today? Lesson for Sunday? What to cook? Finacial worries because its the middle of the month and the end is way to far away?
What ever it is remember Someone loves you and is there to help if you just ask him.
Share with us and if we can help we will,

My storm today is finding some energy to get my ironing done so my husband will have clean shirts for next week and what to cook for Sunday dinner when all my sweet kids come home. Any ideas?

St Patricks day is just around the corner, Are you Irish? What special things will you do to make it a magical day for your kids. Or do we do that anymore?

Let us know,, I will even drop an Irish gift in the mail for those who share.

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Kelie said...

Not sure what is for dinner yet but but I am sure we will have something that the "Leprecauns" had to help with. The boys love things that are colored.