Thursday, March 12, 2009

How did you face your storm today

With all the talk of saving money, cutting back and generally just getting by. Lets share our ideas.
How did you cope today. Share with all of us. Weather it be a saving money tip or Spiritually coped. Share what you faced, let us go through it with you. You may never know we may have faced the same thing.
This is what we as Latter Day Saint women are for. My favorite song is "As Sisters in Zion". ( This mean sisters of all faith and social statis. )
As Sisters in Zion we'll all work together.

I hope all of you who stock this blog will leave a comment and share with us.


Hayley said...

What a good idea! For me--reading the scriptures every night gets me by daily. Then each Sunday--I sooo look forward to church and there is ALWAYS something just for ME. It rejuvinates me and so I can do yet another week! Life is hard and challenging and on different levels for everyone at different times in their lives. Just remember that Heavenly Father knows YOU and loves YOU and will carry you through when you can't carry on anymore. Get on your knees. He will ALWAYS listen.

The Hammers said...

For me this week, it's saving money. Albertsons is having an awesome meat sale. I called ahead to my trusty Broadway Albertsons and she had it all packaged when I got there. They even offer to flash freeze it for you, FOR FREE! I bought boneless pork chops in pkgs of 4, came home, cooked them for dinner, and out of 4 pork chops, had enough to feed all 4 of us, yes, Kayla ate them!!!! I also had enough to do 4 more lunches for Brad. So, this tells you they were huge pork chops because we basically had 8 servings and we were definately full. Guess what I paid for those 4 pork chops....$4.02! Now that I have the saving money down and the cooking at home, kind of, I need cleaning tips. Please share your cleaning tips, or cleaning motivators moreso. Happy Blogging!