Sunday, March 15, 2009


My storm this week is a great one, I will be getting ready to leave for Nauvoo. I cant wait. I hoped to read all I can to know more so when I get there I will have a real sence of being there, then I get a call from the 2nd Councilor to speak in Sacarement next Sunday. What on you say? Temples. Is that strange or what.
So to conqure my storm for the week is read, read, read and read more.

I would like to ask some of your " What does going to the Temple do for you, or Why do you go now that you have recieved your own instruction?

I know that only a few of you will anserw this but I still want to know.
love to you all and if Your Storm becomes more than you can handle this week call and I will put on my snow boots and come bail you out.

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