Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Challenge

Ok, Sunday is 7 days till that big day of saying "I love you" to all that we love.
So heres a challenge with chocolates to all that leave a comment.
Who will you tell? and why do you love them.

I'll start. I will tell Cody Hammer how much I love him, because he comes to grandpa's and watches any motor sport that happens to be on. Last week it was Minature Motorcycles with grown men. He walked through the room and noticed it on the tv and dropped right in his tracks and watched the rest of the show. Thank you Cody and that is why I love you.

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Calise said...

I will tell the person who took my brother's job... Long story-but that person is also Kellen's sister.
Crazy, I know, but I will tell her that I love her!
And, that I love all the Miller women. It has been a long time since I have been around you, but you always have such great wisdom and love for a long ago friend!:)