Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good to know someone cares

Just returned from Albertson's on Broadway in Idaho Falls. Great Deals!!!!Bone in Hams- big ones. $!.49 a lb. Great for Easter. Not to mention all the buy 10 and get $10.00 back. I spent less that $100.00 and came home with twice what I would have bought at Walmart. This is my take.
I only went in with the idea to buy 10 items for food storage. Did that, then I found the great buys on the hams and some great Pork Roast. Albertsons even had the coupon form the newspaper. (We'll talk later about them.)
I purchased my 10, the checkout person made sure that I bought all the items that would get me $10.00 BEFORE I purchased any other item, as to be able to use my $10.00in rewards money. They have a couple of Custome Service people who walk the iles and if you look confused will stop and walk you through how the program works. He even showed me that if I like Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate frosting in the tubs instead of the plain Chocolate there is an EXTRA $.25 OFF coupon on the tub. Hows that for service? You wont find that at Walmart. Ok, I still stop at Walmart but really ladies give Albertsons a try while they have these great sales. BUT- It is at Broadway only, but worth the drive.

While I was there I met 3 very nice ladies trying to makd sence of this whole coupon thing. I shared with them this post and if any of them check us out stop by and say Hello, by clicking on commets.

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Calise said...

I love the Broadway Albertsons!
My in-laws live right down the street, so we are always there when we are in town. They are always giving me coupons and helping me!