Friday, January 23, 2009

Soup for thought

We all woke up to snow on the ground after yesterday was sunshine. I even took down my cute snow village and started to put up my Valentine stuff. With the snow I felt the need to do some Chicken noodle soup. It makes everything warm and cozy inside.

Start with a large pot of water and add 4 large chicken breast. I use what I have and I want it real meaty. You need a LARGE pot with lots of water to start. You are making the base. I added the last 2 small onions from my garden. I had a bag of carrots that were funny shape. I had no celery so I used my dehydrated ones and use about 2 Tablespoons. If you had fresh it would be about 4 stalks chopped into larger pieces. I added a shake of garlic powder, onion powder and a shake of Poultry seasoning. A good shake of salt and pepper to taste. Add 2 Chicken bouliion cubes. I had a small bunch of Basil that I had dried and crumbled it in. About 2 teaspoon's, I threw in 2 teaspoon's of Cilantro. If you cant tell this is clean the fridge soup.
Let this simmer about an hour till the chicken is cook through well, If you cook it to fast it will be tough. Soup is an all day thing, Enjoy it.Then let cool in broth.

Strain the broth and save the liquid. Throw out the veggies. Chop the chicken into nice bit size pieces. Taste the broth. You may need to salt it or add some Bouliion cubes or powder.

Enjoy the smell- It reminds me of a safe place, family enjoying a good meal and a crackling fire. The one thing I miss from living in the double wide.

Now that the chicken is cooked and the broth is to your taste. Let get down to business.

Depending on your favorite noodle. You can use Egg noodles. They dont need as long a cooking time. Homemade noodles ( never used) I like to use Grandma's Noodles. They are like homemade but are dry. You have to look for them. They come in a celaphane bag with Red lettering.

Now, Chicken chopped, you have fresh carrots and celery and onion. You have strained your broth and got all the nasty looking stuff out. Add all back into the pot and add the noodles. If you need to add more water you may need to adjust your chicken flavoring. It is a trial and error type of thing, but you have to have flavoring in the broth or all is lost.

Cook for 45- 50 minutes till your noodles are done to taste. Enjoy your soup and take time to enjoy the process.

Serve with good crust rolls, bread or make corn bread.
Good luck.


The Hammers said...

You can buy those dried homemade noodles at Sam's Club, and they are CHEAP! Just "Soup" for thought! Good recipe Mom, I love your chicken noodle soup. If I'd have known you were making it, I'd have hung around longer :)

Kelie said...

The soup was awesome and Kinslie loved the carrots.

Jensens said...

Oh-I just finally checked out this blog from Casie's blog! LOVE IT!!! I am sooo in a rut with dinners lately and so I am very excited to try some of these recipes! Thanks for the tips and I will check back all the time! :)

Jensens said...

Oh I was going to tell you I buy the noodles in the frozen aisle at Walmart that are JUST like grandmas noodles and love them (cuz I can't find grandmas when I am specifically looking for them)! I have a recipe for chicken noodle that is a creamy soup with lots of veggies/chicken and those noodles--YUMMY!