Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Albertsons Sale!

Albertsons has some great coupons and sales going on this week.

1st: If you spend $30 or more on any combination of over 250 products they will give you $15 FREE for future purchase to be used when you would like. The list of items include Minute Maid Juices, Go-Gurts, General Mills Cereal, Hamburger Helpers, Betty Crocker Mixes and many other wonderful items. That is really cool and great for food storage.

2nd: On Albertsons add they have Two coupons that they call Twice the Value in Manufacturers Coupons (up to three). They will match the amount on your Manufactureres coupons. Max. value is up to $1. There is another way to save even more. Grab their add from Wednesday's paper or pick one up when you go in.

Happy Savin!!

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