Monday, January 26, 2009


I found this really cool web site. You have to register, but the info is great.
It's called
You go in and list how many in your family, decide if you want a 3,6 or 12 month goal. I did the 3. It will list the amount you should have on hand. I printed out the sheet, went to my cupboard, checked off what I did have, went back in and "added" what I had. I thought for 3 months I would be ok, Well, according to this worksheet I am only 49% good.

The challenge is to try it and see where you stand.
Let us know and Lets see if we can get all of us ready for a 3 months strethch.

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Jensens said...

That was way cool. I also did the 3 mo and was at 97% (need a few more dairy)--but I realized I have WAAAAY more than what was suggested for my family of 7 for 3 months and so I feel a lot better about my storage situation! Thanks for the info!