Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can soup or fresh made?

One of Casie's recieps calls for a can of Condensed Cream of Chicken soup. I was jumping from blog to blog and found this fantastic girl who makes her own Cream soups with a thing she calls Magic Mix. ( If you come forward I would love to give you credit, because your blog is awsome!)

Anyway I mixed my own and even learned a trick on my own. First the Magic Mix.
2 1/3 cups of Powdered Milk
1 cup All Purpose Flour
2 sticks of Real butter @ room temp.

Put in your mixer or food processor, what ever you have. Blend very well, till it looks like heavy cake mix powder.

Store in refrigerator.

To use your mix.
1 cup Magic Mix
**3/4 broth- this is where I learned a trick- you can use can or box. I made my own with water and boulion flavoring as directed on jar.
1 tsp Parsley
dash of onion salt,
dash of garlic salt- optional
Mix well together in sauce pan on low heat. When it is blended and looking like soup its ready to use.

I ran out of Boulion and went shopping. I found if you buy your spices in the Ethnic isle instead of the Spice isle it is cheaper and most of the time fresher.

Hope you try this and like it.

** Never throw out the water on your veggies, that is where the vitamins are and why waste that?


Kelie said...

I need to try this still. Maybe I will this weekend.

Christina said...

Wow! Hondo & I just went over this post together. We now have another thing to use our dry milk with. We'll copy this recipe & make sure we have the rest of the ingredients in food storage. Thank you so much!!