Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's for dinner? We'll give you 20 guesses!

The Ingredients
Don't like repeated trips to the grocery store? Stock up on these 20 ingredients, and you can make 20 delicious dinners.

1. Jarred spaghetti sauce
2. Milk
3. Cheddar cheese
4. White wine
5. Lemons
6. Dry bread crumbs
7. Canned tomatoes
8. Eggs
9. Parmesan Cheese
10. Sour cream
11. Mozzarella cheese
12. Boneless chicken breasts
13. Bacon
14. Ground beef
15. Assorted Pasta
16. Potatoes
17. Frozen Broccoli
18. Cream of chicken soup
19. Cream of mushroom soup
20. Frozen spinach

The Recipes


Anonymous said...

great list and super ideas. Where it says wine, I had a freind tell me any time it calls for wine just use apple cider or even apple juice. I have in the past used 7up in place of wind.
Great job on this

Hayley said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks for this! I am in such a rut for dinners and so this really helps! You guys are great!!

Christina said...

LOVE this post!! Thank you!!