Sunday, May 10, 2009

Heart Felt sorrow

I would like to take a moment and wish my daughter Kelie and her husband Josh my heartfelt sorrow.
Saturday night around 8:30 Josh stopped by our house to pick up his pupper we had been babysitting. (oh the things you do as a grandma) He had just returned from visiting his grandfather Albertson who only two weeks ago had been told he had cancer of the throat and spine. We had a fun talk about his visit and encouraged him that all would be well. Around 11:00 Kelie called to let us know that Grandpa had passed away.

Cancer is mean and wicked on the body, and beliving that we all only come to this earth to get a body I have to say how lucky he is to be able to go home to our Loveing Heavenly Father. I still know the sting of death and hurt for those who are left here on earth.

How lucky for Josh to have been there in the last hours and in the presence of angles. I know they were in the wings just waiting till Josh and his brother left to take Grandpa home.

God Bless Josh and his family and his grandfather.

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