Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happiness: Some seek it, Some make it

We had a great night at Enrichment. We played the cutest game and had a speaker on happiness. It is just what I needed to hear. One of the things the speaker said is this: "Happiness, some seek it, some make it."

I hope I can apply this to my life. I need to stop seeking it and start making it. My sister Casie made this cute handout above. I'm thinking about having it made into a picture for my little girls room. It would fit perfect with her decor and I want her to grow up learning this from her earliest of ages.

In case you need a cute little game for anyone or anything here is what we did.

We put these candy bars in a bag and made everyone pick one out, without looking.
Then they had to tell the group the following, which coordinated with the candy bar.

Snickers - an embarrassing moment.
Almond Joy - something that really brings you joy.
Milky Way- tell what you wish for. your hopes and dreams.
Kit Kat (give me a break) - tell what you love to do in your spare time.

It was fun to hear every ones little stories. And we just had lite refreshments and then we did Highlights.

Highlights are where everyone in the group (or at our house we do this at the dinner table) tells something that happened to them that day that was the "Highlight" of their day. It can be whatever made them feel special, anything they were proud of doing, anything that made them stop and say - wow, that really made my day.

try these at your house, our kids love to do Highlights and we try to do them everynight at dinner time.


The Hammers said...

I love it! We are definately playing the candy bar game at girls camp, and I think maybe we'll try to do the highlights thing with them too.

Lesa said...

I thought enrichment turned out great!! Thanks so much for all your help you are awesome.