Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Confessions of a list maker.

Okay, so I have been searching for some grand idea to help me get to the chores that need done, but never quite make it to the top of my list.

So I decided to make (another) list. I called it the ONE A DAY list. This list is things that need done, but after the daily pick ups and surface cleaning, I never get to. Every day I take a few minutes and do at least one thing on my list. So far this week, I think its helping. Here is my list. Maybe you are struggling with the same problems, so I thought if it helps, I'd share. I'd love to hear from you if you have a great way to tackle the chores in your home.

Vacuum Stairs
Dust handrail
Clean front closet
Wipe down one wall
Take down and clean blinds in one room
Wash window in one room
Sweep front steps
Wipe out bathroom drawers
Vacuum out couches downstairs
Clean glass on picture frames
Sort Socks
Wipe down Kitchen chairs
Deliver borrowed stuff to owners
Sort out shelves in my closet


The Hammers said...

That's a good idea. Now, if I could just get throught the mess first...

Dell Miller, Owner said...

ok, great idea but how many could you have got done in the time it took you to dream all this up and write it down..
Now, come see my lists, yes I have about 6 going just for this stupid Family reunion, whos idea was it, oh ya Glenns, my sweet brother in law. If my lists dont get done it will be no ones fault except mine. I can t wait for you know who.

Lists are good dont get me wrong, besides on my lists of who do I love, you are in big red letters. mom

Hayley said...

Great idea! I am soooo a list person! I have to have lists for EVERYTHING!! (my kids buy me new list paper stuff for all holidays cuz they know it makes me happy! :)