Monday, April 27, 2009


I know this post is to keep track of how to save money and help our lives become better. I want to take this chance to tell you there is something so much more valuable than a coupon or saving a dollar or even having that wonderful food storage all put away on the shelf. You all know what it is:

It is the beautiful family that each one of us has been blessed with. Our family has had a very sad thing happen this weekend. My brothers oldes son was killed in a roll over in Ririe. He was 39 had 3 beautiful teenage children. He was a good person in the heart and would do anything for anyone. Stranger or not. It sometimes take bad things to wake us up to so much good things in our lives.

I have four beautiful daughters with awsome husbands who treat my girls like china dolls and precious children. I have a husband who take his priesthood serious and those are more valuable to me than any coupon or shelf of food storage. I dont need to go into detail but I want my girls to know I love them. They are precious Daughters of our Heavenly Father and he loves you also. Dont ever forget that.
I just wonder why am I so blessed.

To my girls: Thank you for all you do for me even if I do pound on the car window and scare men.

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